The Path Forward

The Forest Products Roadmap is a collaborative approach by industry and government to make Alberta’s forest sector the most successful in North America, based on economic competitiveness, environmental performance and social acceptance. The Roadmap is aimed at achieving future growth and long-term viability of Alberta’s forest products industry, enhanced contributions to rural communities and the province at large, and green solutions to environmental and economic challenges.

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This site shares work being done by industry and government to carve a strong path forward for the forest products sector.

In late 2010, representatives of all sectors of the forest industry and the forest team within Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development came together to discuss the future of the sector. They looked at technological developments and changing global markets – in wood products, pulp and paper, bioenergy and bio-products – for new ideas and opportunities.

Despite the highly challenging economic landscape of the recent past, they concluded there would be a bright future ahead for an industry that understands its markets, the products it is now and could soon be producing, and the need for strong environmental stewardship. The forest sector would be a sustainable engine of growth for rural Alberta, a leader of the emerging bio-economy, and a pillar of a stable and diversified provincial economic base.

After a year of research, consideration and discussion, the team arrived at an alignment of interests and a framework for partnerships: a Roadmap that would provide direction and mileposts for the future of Alberta's forest products sector.

You can read the Roadmap and chart our progress through this site.